A dedication to my Mum.

Margaret Joan Mary Reid 9-1-1947 – 18-2-2015

When you become a parent it becomes glaringly obvious how important good parenting is.

You not only realise your role is to mould this young mind into someone who is capable of surviving in the “big bad world” but also quickly realise how well your parents did helping prepare you.

Being blessed with two such parents and a stable family unit was simply the best gift I could ever have wished for.

My Dad taught me unconditional love, humility, honesty, generosity and the power of hard work amongst a myriad of other life lessons.

My Brother Roger whom I love and respect above most people told me a Dr Seuss quote. “Don’t be sad it’s over, just be glad it happened at all.”

This has really rung true with me. I really feel blessed we had this beautiful person in our lives who imparted so much knowledge and love and I’m proud to say, “Mum made me the man I am today”

Mum taught me so much with her zest for life, love of sport, selflessness, generosity, appreciation of a large extended family, amazing far ranging recipe’s for any meal or occasion, raucous dinner parties, always to support the underdog, and great general appreciation of being put on earth.

The biggest gift Mum gave me was the understanding the power of positive thought. She drummed it into us as youngsters. She turned me into an optimist so even in her passing I’m looking at the silver lining. The lessons we’ve been taught are priceless but also need to be taught to the next generation.

My heart is warm knowing how much you loved Simone, Amy and Erin and how much they loved you. Always involving them in preparing a meal or just cooking fudge for them and letting them lick the bowl. Those memories will never fade. In fact, Amy is convinced you’re in heaven running the canteen with Eric as your sidekick and making fudge for everyone.

Mum achieved a lot in her time, besides bringing up 3 mischievous sons, making beautiful cakes, running a very successful catering business she also decided at 26 to take up squash and made a massive success of that. She played provincial squash for 3 different provinces and made countless friends for life.

What was made abundantly clear in Mum’s last few days with us, was how many people’s lives she touched. Her legacy is truly staggering. It was incredibly special reading her all the messages of love and support coming from every corner of the globe. For this I say thank you. “Mum you’re sorely missed, we loved having you in our lives. Most of all “Thank you” for everything you ever did for us.’

The void we have left in our lives is filled in the love, knowledge and outpouring of generosity you showed during your time with us. May you Rest in Peace now with our beloved Eric.”

I’d just like to end off with a quote: A person’s true wealth is the good he or she does in the world. Mohammed


2 thoughts on “A dedication to my Mum.

  1. I am reading this with tears in my eyes. You were almost describing my own mother Nokusa.

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. Joan was great because she raised a great son.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Qhana,

      Have you also lost your Mum? If so we cry together, if not don’t waste a day. thank you for taking the time to read my blog and thank you for the lovely comment.

      much love and warmth.



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