New glasses for the needy – a new initiative.

How could you not help this man?

How could you not help this man?

Meet Wimpy. He’s a 52 year old car guard at Blue Lagoon.

I met Wimpy one morning when I was taking my hand cycle off the back of my truck, he asked me why an able bodied man had a disabled person’s bike. I told him I was planning on riding a the Momentum 94.7 cycle challenge on the hand cycle to raise money for Ethembeni school for the physically disabled and the visually impaired. (

He immediately introduced me to two regulars in the car park and then asked how he could help me. So a man who can’t rub two brass farthings together would like to help me raise money for the needy? What a Champion.

Wimpy is blind in his left eye and by his estimations has 60% vision in his right eye. He earns between R50 and R120 a day working his car park and he cannot afford to see an optometrist or buy a new pair of glasses.

Luckily, my mate Glenn Nugent who is an optometrist and says he can help Wimpy out. Nugent Family Optometrist ( of Durban North told me, all it will cost is R800 for a new pair of bifocals for Wimpy and he will waiver the consultation fee as he would like to help out.

Thanks to Rich and Cheryl Clacher (aka @ApothecaryRich and his wife @LadyD_Toiger) we have raised R500 and I’ve decided to throw in the additional R300 and get Wimpy some new glasses.

On the 26th of May we returned to Nugent Family Optometrist for the fitting.


Look at the elation on his face.

trying them on

Glenn doing the fitting

seeing for the first time in a longtime


thanks Glen, Cheryl and Rich

Seeing and feeling like a champion.

I don’t think it should end here.

Do you know anyone who also deserves a little lady luck? If so please could you send me a mail to and explain why you think they deserve glasses.


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