The Cows

In 2008 a mother and father in Johannesburg lost a beautiful little girl to a disease that is affecting us all. Yes, the big C. They decided to turn tragedy into a triumph by raising some money for CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA). they planned to ride the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge in some kind of outfit and get people to sponsor them. All they could find were 6 cow suits.

And so The Cows were born. Last year we had around 500 cows riding the 94.7 cycle Challenge and we’ve collectively raised over R21 million.

I was introduces to the cows in July 2013 by a Delene Mulley who’s faught her own battle with cancer and won. Sadly she lost her sister in the middle of fighting her battle.

Since then I have been fortunate enough to have raised in the region of R150 000 directly or indirectly for CHOC completed a  Half Iron Man distance triathlon, a few half marathons, many MTB races and we’re turning Amashova, Tour Durban and Midmar into fully fledged Cow events.

The cows are the most amazing buch of selfless human beings. Iris, Lauren and Julia Varty, Ian Prentis, Lauren Brown, Lynne MacRae, Delene Mulley, Cliff Pinto, Deon van Niekerk, Michael van Niekerk, Kerrin and Grant Bain, Daisy aka Karen DeBeer and many many more.

We ride,we run, we mountain bike, we triathlon, we swim but most of all we have fun whilst FUNdraise for

Next on the agenda is the Tour Durban on an ice cream bike. What the local media for updates

If you’d like to change your life and give some hope please call me or mail